Time marches on

I have two friends who are making a living playing and teaching drums and percussion. Both are doing a lot of gigging and keeping busy as free lance artists and teachers. Not so many years ago, they were in school, or working in retail shops while playing. Both work in cities; one went to school and has worked in Chicago for several years, the other moved from New York to Nashville to find the right mix for family and profession.

Both have put together all the parts of a solid career, including excellent musical skills, good marketing and high standards for themselves as musicians and business people. Incidentally, they are in completely different musical markets, and play different styles of music and even different instruments in the percussion family.

It’s a big world, and there is still room for those who want to make a living as working percussionists. The hours are long, and it requires a good bit of effort just to keep even at times, but it can be done.

Play Drums for Life…

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