Valuable information

After several rehearsals, the trio (acoustic guitar, bass, drums/percussion) is starting to feel like there is a pocket for most of the tunes. It took a lot of listening, and a bit of sleuthing. After I rehearsed with them several times, I noticed that the guitarist’s timing was a little on the back side of the beat when he sang. Then I found out that he does a lot of gigs as a single. Then I found out that the bassist and the guitarist had played together as a duo, and also as part of a larger group. Once I knew the background, it was a bit easier to find the pocket.

Not that I couldn’t figure out the time feel simply by playing, but it did help to know what experiences the other two players had before I joined. Every type of gig has its own particular feel, and everyone has a particular approach, which is why music is so interesting, isn’t it?

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